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GB6GEO On the Air for the 2nd Global Geoparks Communication Event -- 23/24th May 2009

Source: Source: Published:Apr 07,2009

Again this year "GB6GEO" will be on the air during the weekend of 23/24th May 2009 from Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves in Torquay, Devon, UK as part of the European Geoparks Festival week, along with other Geopark stations operating from England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, Portugal, Malaysia, Australia, Greece, France and other many other participating countries yet to be confirmed.

There will be many other attractions at the Torquay Kents Cavern site, including Cave Radio, Satellite Communications, Amateur TV and paying tribute to a local Devonshire man Oliver Heaviside, a scientist who discovered the Heaviside Layer in radio propagation. There will also be a number of scouting groups doing their communications badges, and a chance to send greetings to other Geoparks around the world. The event at Torquay will be run by the combination of the Torbay Amateur Radio Society and the West Devon Radio Club, in conjunction with Nick Powe, proprietor of Kents Cavern and Chairman of the English Riviera Geopark.

Kents Cavern is famous internationally for its remarkable history of ancient human occupation going back more than 500,000 years. It is an English Protected National Monument, International Prehistoric Show cave and a gateway to UNESCO’s English Riviera Global Geopark.

Nick Powe says “The geological heritage and associated rich cultural heritage of this well known seaside resort on the South West coast of England always surprises people who first visit. Famous in the past as a traditional English seaside resort, the area now has a lot more to offer today’s visitors. With a growing reputation for good food, hospitality and quality leisure experiences, the UNESCO endorsed English Riviera Global Geopark gives the area a golden opportunity to attract new visitors not just from the UK but also from overseas. This 2nd Global Geopark Communication will again give visitors to Kents Cavern in the English Riviera Geopark an opportunity to feel connected not only to the fantastic geological heritage of this coastal area but to that of some other amazing landscapes around the world.”

Visitors over the weekend will be able to exchange greetings and will receive a souvenir certificate recording the station they spoke to.

For amateur radios stations around the world who contact Geopark stations, the English Riviera Geopark will be offering a special commemorative European Geoparks Network radio amateur certificate for contacts with GB6GEO and one other Geopark station, or three Geopark stations excluding GB6GEO. Certificates will cost UK £2.20 each, Europe €3 and Rest of the world USD5. Managing the global certificate scheme is Torquay based Radio Amateur, Martin Foster G3VOF.

1) Radio Amateurs wishing to participate from Global Geoparks should contact Martin Foster (G3VOF) or

2) Geopark stations so far are GB6GEO, GB2GEO, GB1MAC, EI2GEO, DK0GEO, J48GEO, CT, VK, and 9M2

3) The frequencies that will be used plus or minus the qrm as where possible will be 3.680Mhz, 7080Mhz, 14.180Mhz, 21.180Mhz, 28.480Mhz, 2mtrs, and 6m mtrs will also be used at the operators discretion, but there will be no spot frequencies for these two bands.

4) Certificate Manager/ qsl's to Martin Foster G3VOF QTHR or QRZ.COM. Please also see for the latest updates. Only log details necessary.

5) GB6GEO will be a 48hour working station, SSB will be used during the day, because of visitors to the station. CW will be used during the night time hours, CW frequencies will again be at the operators discretion.