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Louborough’s geography students study Mediterranean rural development in Psiloritis Geopark.

Source: Source:Psiloritis Natural Park Published:May 05,2009

A group of 30 graduate students and their teacher, prof. Heike Joens, from the Geography department of Louborough University of United Kingdom, were hosted at Anogia, in Psiloritis Natural Park, (European and UNESCO’s Global Geopark) on Friday 24th of April 2009. The students were visiting the island of Crete and Cyclades in Greece to study rural development examples in Mediterranean area.

Psiloritis Natural Park hosted the group at the Anogia’s Environmental Educational Center where a short presentation was given about the European Geoparks Network and the activities of Psiloritis geopark. An interesting discussion took place afterwards between students and the staff of Psiloritis Geopark, concerning the efforts of the geopark in promoting and conserving the environment of Psiloritis Mountains, its relationships with local farmers and shepherds, as well as on the influence of geopark to local economy.

Students were much interested on the initiative “Land of Psiloritis” which offers a quality label, based on geopark’s logo, to enterprises of the area that are related with tourism services. This initiative aims to promote quality enterprises of the area as well as the local products.

Finally, the students were guided by Dr C. Fassoulas, at the nearby “Migia’s trail” where they were informed about the regional geology, the individual hydrological conditions and the karstic structures. They visited the famous “mitata”, the dry stone shepherd’s houses and were introduced to the traditional Psiloritis’ shepherd’s life.

Unfortunately, bad weather conditions didn’t allow them to enjoy the fantastic landscape of the area.