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Illustrated talk – The Burren as Geopark

Source: Published:May 12,2009

Illustrated talk - The Burren as Geopark - joint with European Geopark week. Location Burren College of Art - By Maria McNamara.

The Burren is at its most splendid in May. Those of us lucky enough to live here invite you to share this unique and wonderful place. We have put together a programme of events to enrich your experience in the Burren and to welcome you into our community in Ballyvaughan.

The 2009 programme includes an expanded series of walks, talks and excursions, led by leading botanists and environmentalists to help deepen your understanding of this unique landscape. Join us on a moth identification adventure, learn to spot bats at dusk, let the symphony of birdsong awaken your senses on Dawn Chorus morning. If you have escaped to participate in a painting workshop or to attend the annual Burren Law School at the Burren College of Art, you can be happy in the knowledge that other family members will have no shortage of activities to entertain them.