Global Network of National Geoparks

Jeju Pursues World Geopark Designation

Source : Published :July 7, 2009

Japan and Jeju Island are recently trying to be approved as a geopark.

The reason behind the rapid spread of the geopark concept is the economic benefits achieved through it.

While conservation is emphasized for world natural heritage, a geopark searches not only for it, but also in furthering education, tourism, and the local economy.

[Interview : Wu Gyeong-sik, Professor Kangwon National University ] "I believe that becoming a geopark would be a very important opportunity not only for Jeju but also for the entire country to advance in educational and cultural tourism."

Local residents' participation is absolutely essential to meet the requirements of a geopark.

A way to increase residents' profits by utilizing the geopark should be prepared, as well.

Nations which are already a part of the World Geopark Network continually communicate with local residents.