Global Network of National Geoparks

Huangshan Geopark Creates an E-database of Geoscientific Research Journals

Source : Published :July 10, 2009

Since Huangshan Geopark joined the GGN (Global Geoparks Network), the management office of Huangshan Geopark has cooperated with the No.332 geological brigade of Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Anhui Province, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, China University of Geosciences, National Geopark Planning and Research Center and other scientific research institutions in geological research of Huangshan to ascertain the process of formation and evolution of granite geological landform in Huangshan basically. Besides, they have fixed the leading position of Huangshan granite geoheritage landscape in Chinese granite landscape, on the whole, through the comparative research of topographical landscapes.

In order to enhance the level of geoscientific research of the Geopark and improve its abilities of self-oriented innovation and independent research, its management committee cooperated with Chongqing VIP Information Co., Ltd. in utilizing the server of its information center to create an e-database of geoscientific research journals after recruiting the geological master graduate last year.

The e-database consists of 475,026 PDF-formatted research papers from nearly 500 geoscientific journals over the period 1989-2009. Its site link is available on portal websites of the management committee and Huangshan Geopark respectively. Interior users of local area network of the management committee can download and share these papers. With the progress in scientific research, the e-database will be updated 6 to 8 times every year in future so as to keep up with the latest development of geological research. Its creation has provided professionals concerned with good research conditions and study platform and will drive the progress of Huangshan Geopark in geoscientific research greatly and facilitate its scientific development.