Global Network of National Geoparks

Expedition against Alxa Desert Geopark by Geopark Experts

Source : Published :July 13, 2009

Experts in GGN Bureau, Richard Watson and Pasquale Li Puma, as the representatives of GGN, made an expedition against Alxa Desert Geopark in Inner Mongolia, P.R.China during the period from June 23 to June 26.

According to the expedition procedure, Richard Watson and Pasquale Li Puma made a field investigation on lots of spots in this geopark, which included Yueliang Lake Scenic Zone, main monuments and exhibition halls in Tangri Park, Haonuo Ergong Scenic Zone in Badan Jara Desert Park, Yiker Aobao Bedrock Scenic Zone, Badan Lake Singing Sand Scenic Zone, Geopark Museum, Tourist Information Center, Rescue Station and Haisen Chulu Wind-erosion Landform Scenic Zone, after listening to the report of application for admission to GGN from Alxa Desert Geopark and having a detailed review of all application materials thereof.