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8th European Geoparks Conference—2nd Circular

Published :July 15, 2009

“New Challenges with Geotourism”
2nd Circular

14-16th September 2009


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Geotourism is a segment of tourism that has been developed around the world in recent years. In fact since long ago people come to visit "geological wonders”, like mountains, caves and canyons. However, only in recent times there is a real challenge in this sector and it has been developing a market with very specific and novel characteristics.

Excellence in Nature Tourism is supported by the sustainable use of natural heritage, promoting Nature awareness, through interpretation. This niche has been growing worldwide in the last years and nature tourists look for certified destinations, as we want to develop in Geoparks under the auspices of UNESCO.

Geotourism is an emerging segment of Nature Tourism in which the objective focuses on Geodiversity. A new niche was created for business with new specificities and new contingencies that accompanies not only the general trends of tourism but also imposes its own trends. Geoparks are pioneers in Geotourism and an example of sustainable local development.

Geotourism needs awareness for Geological Heritage. Geological processes with high scientific interest can be associated to aesthetics and become geosites with tourist potential. It is intended to stimulate the knowledge of Geodiversity, Geoconservation and sustainable development.

It is crucial that Geotourism has other benefits than geodiversity to diversify the offer: one site with rich geological heritage should have also cultural, historical and natural (bio and geo) approaches. But it is also important to have good interpretation and supportive structures (lodging, restaurants, activities/events) to receive high-demanding geotourists.

“New challenges with Geotourism” will be the main topic of discussion of the 8th European Geoparks Conference, destined for (geo)tourism professionals, politicians, local managers, nature conservationists and geologists where will be discussed tourism, local development, geoconservation, marketing strategies, geopark projects, scientific research, good and bad practices and new projects.

Established in 2000, the European Geoparks Network (EGN) aims to protect geodiversity, to promote geological heritage to the general public, as well as to support sustainable economic development of geopark territories, primarily through the development of geological tourism. The network has drawn together territories from across Europe that share these aims and now work together in an active and dynamic way in order to achieve them. Originally consisting of four territories, the network has been expanded to include, from April 2009, 34 territories across 13 European countries.


The 8th European Geoparks Conference will be organized by Geopark Naturtejo and Idanha-a-Nova Municipality, with the support of the remaining Naturtejo municipalities: Castelo Branco, Nisa, Oleiros, Proença-a-Nova and Vila Velha de Ródão.


The 8th European Geoparks Conference will comprise general sessions and thematic oral sessions with invited speakers and selected oral presentations and poster sessions related to the main objectives.

The 8th European Geoparks Conference will take place at Centro Cultural Raiano, Idanha-a-Nova.




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