Global Network of National Geoparks

GGN Newsletter issue 7 2009

Source : Published :July 28, 2009

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GGN Member Activities

01- North West Highlands Geopark Report Published

02- Psiloritis Geopark Revalidation

02- Twinning Agreement between Xingwen Geopark and Stone Forest Geopark

03- Lochaber tourism campaign steps up

03- Huangshan Geopark Creates an E-database of Geoscientific Research Journals

04- Hexham children track down story in stone

04- Summer Camp Events of Geosciences Education launched by Xingwen Geopark

05- Geopark conference success

05- 8th European Geoparks Conference - 2nd Circular

05- 1st European Geoparks Fair

Non-GGN Geoheritage Activities from across the globe

06- Expedition to Alxa Desert Geopark by Geopark Experts

08- Expedition to Qinling Zhongnanshan Geopark by Experts

10- Isles make case for Geopark status to assessors

11- Achievements of Geopark Shetland Project