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International Mountain Day 2009

Source: Published:Jan 04,2010

With the fourth trip to the unknown Papuk “Highest Slavonian grassland” Intrenational Mountain Day was marked in Papuk Geopark on Sunday 13th December. The trip was organized by Slavonian Mountaineering Association, the Croatian Mountaineering Association and Nature Park Papuk. This year's trip brought together over 200 climbers from 24 mountaineering societies.

So far, the most challenging route with the rise longer than 6 kilometers, started from a small lodge on Leštat (311 m above sea level) and then along the ridge to the highest Slavonian grassland at 900 m above sea level, just below the highest peak Papuk.

This year's International Mountain Day Papuk Geopark has marked with a visit to Northern Velebit National Park in Krasno, who on that occasion celebrated its 10th anniversary of the proclamation. Presentation of Papuk Geopark included projection of the movie “Secrets of Papuk”, multi-media presentation of the first Croatian Geopark and photo exhibition “Papuk - the jewel of Slavonia”.