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Friendship established between Wangwushan-Daimeishan Geopark and Geopark Araripe

Source: Source:Wangwushan-Daimeishan Global Geopark Published:Jun 11,2010

On June 4, the Wangwushan-Daimeishan Global Geopark dispatched its representatives to the Geopark Araripe and then concluded a friendship agreement with it.
The Geopark Araripe is located in the sedimentary territory of southern Ceará, Brazil. With the area of 148,000 km2 and the population of 6,800,000, the Ceará is near the equator, close to the Atlantic. It is the nearest point of Brazil to both Europe and North America. Covering about 5,000 km2 in Ceará, the Geopark was founded in respond to the proposal of the Science, Technology and Higher Education Secretariat of Ceará and the coordination of the Kariri Local University. The Geopark joined the Global Geoparks Network in December 2005. It is well-know mainly for ancient fossils.
After the two geoparks establish friendship, they will boost their friendly communication and cooperation; co-launch irregular programs to promote tourism; invite the management, personnel of tourism authority and academic specialists of the opposing party at an appropriate time to publicize each other, enlarge the brand influence of both parties and accelerate the development of tourism economy of both parties; learn the management mode and experience from each other and use them for reference; conduct the research in education and geosciences; and exploit the talents of existing professionals to actively increase the educational publicity and conserve their valued geoheritage.