Global Network of National Geoparks

Local Government Geopark Representative Workshop

Source :National Geoparks Secretariat Published :April 24, 2013

For vitalization of geoparks, the National Geopark Secretariat held a workshop at the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources with representatives from the Ministry of Environment and local governments, experts concerned, and students.

 Hosted by the Ministry of Environment and supervised by National Geopark Secretariat, two separate workshops were held from 20 through 22 February for the local governments of the certified national geoparks and those preparing for certification respectively.

As for the two local governments that have been already certified, the Ministry of Environment of Korea has provided expert-consulting services in an intensive manner on programs for geoparks operation and on the ways to cooperate with local residents in order to produce best practice in national geopark operation.

The Ministry also paved the way toward vitalization of geoparks by educating the local governments that are preparing for certification about the concept and the system of geoparks, and by explaining to them application procedures and national policy direction.

Comprising of various and substantial programs, including 13 academic lectures, 6 seminars, and geological museum tours, this workshop offered a positive forum where participants can share overall experience and knowledge related to conservation and utilization of geosites.