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Mt.Lushan(Jiangxi) held Geo Popularization Activities and Prayed for Lushan(Sichuan)

Source :Lushan Global Geopark Published :May 13, 2013

On April 22, 2013, the 44th World Earth Day , local residents and tourists of Mt. Lushan in Jiangxi Province, prayed for the people in earthquake-stricken area , Lushan County in Sichuan province, which is thousands of miles away. They wrote, “Hearts of Mt. Lushan people are linked with the hearts of Lushan County’s ”,“We are always be with you,” on special T-shirts printed with “World Earth Day –Our Common Home on April 22” so as to pray for the people in the earthquake-stricken area.


The people's hearts of Lushan(Jiangxi) and Lushan(Sichuan)are linked with each other

Mt. Lushan and Lushan county have the same pronunciation. Mt. Lushan people are deeply concerned with the situation in the earthquake-stricken area. In Kuling street, Lushan Global Geopark Geological Popularization Series Activities on World Earth Day was being held. The stuffs from Lushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee office handed out geological disaster prevention and control handbooks, scientific pictorial of Lushan geological sites. They also explained the knowledge of geosciences and geological disaster prevention methods for local residents and tourists to have better understanding of the earth and protect our common geological resources. On activity spot, the local residents and tourists signed their names and wrote down their blessings for Lushan County.


At Kuling Street in Mt. Lushan Global Geopark

Zhu Dong’e, the director of Lushan Global Geopark Administrative Committee office said to the reporter, “ The geological sites of Mt. Lushan is the precious heritage of our human being. China is easily subjected to threats of geological disaster. As a Global Geopark, Mt. Lushan has the responsibility to popularize the knowledge of how to prevent geological disaster and let the whole society have a better understanding of how to protect geological sites and environment. Our popularization activities contains not only dispending information materials and offering consultation but also conducting interactions with the local and tourists, through which people will cherish and protect Mt. Lushan and the earth more deeply.

On the World Earth Day, Mt. Lushan also put up the posters of geological knowledge at community, tourists’ centers, tourists’ buses and scenic spots etc. The videos about geological knowledge were played on TV and lectures about geological knowledge of geological disaster prevention were held at schools. All the activities are aimed at increasing global geopark visibility and let more people know and understand geological knowledge.


Give a lecture to guides