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High School Students Help Popularize Geoscientific Knowledge in Fangshan Geopark

Source :Chinese Geopark Network(CGN) Published :June 6, 2013


Geoparks are great educational resources with potential of popularizing geoscientific knowledge to general public through tourism. Though widely known, this educational use is still underdeveloped. Both the educational environment and geological information are still to be promoted. Regarding the problem, the Chinese Geopark Network(CGN) established a program to solve this problem using high school intelligence. A research team from the Affiliated High School of Peking University took the job.

The team is led by QIU Yue(17years old) and consists of two other members: HUANG Yuchen(17years old) and SUN Yitian(17years old). As the name of the program “Geoparks in High School Students’ Eyes”, CGN hopes to let the public accept geoscientific knowledge more easily by making the materials provided more comprehensible through the perception of high school students. Hopefully the team will provide a handbook for guides, a brochure, and an instruction for guides, several sight-signs and a brand-new understanding of geoscientific knowledge. With creative thinking and perfectionistic attitude, the students and their work are highly expected.