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New Interpretation System on geo-heritage is born in the green mountain and clear water in Lushan

Source :Lushan Global Geopark Published :July 18, 2013

New interpretation Board


After half a year’s hard working in professional editing, polishing, drawing, translating and confirming back and force, new interpretation system on geo- heritage in Lushan Global Geopark is presented to the tourists with complete new image. The new interpretation system is written in very simple language which combined the geology with history and culture. Meanwhile the development of each singe geo- heritage is drawn in cartoon on the board. It brings brand new feeling to the tourists.

Wandering in the nature, learning the development of the geology and its deep cultural connotation, tourists can not only enjoy the natural beauty, but also learn the nature and love the nature.


Remove the old board

Set up the new board

Visitors are viewing the new board