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Itoigawa Schools’ Geopark Studies Conference 2013

Source :Itoigawa Global Geopark, Japan Author :Theodore Brown Published :November 22, 2013

Local School System Uses Geopark as Part of a Unified Curriculum


The Itoigawa Global Geopark has developed a Unified “Geostudies” Education Policy for local children ages 0 through 18.

At Itoigawa Geopark Studies Exchange Conferences, students from local elementary, junior high, and high schools gather to share and present what they have learned about their Geopark Hometown, Itoigawa.


Students present what they’ve learned about Itoigawa Geopark


This year’s event, “Itoigawa Geopark Studies Exchange Conference 2013 ~ Let’s Talk about Our Hometown, Itoigawa”, was held on November 20th at Itoigawa’s Kirara Oumi Culture Hall. Students from 11 local elementary, junior high, and high schools presented what they had learned in a variety of ways including presentations, plays, and musical performances.


Students use a play to expertly present the features of stones found in their school district


This year, some students also sang the “Itoigawa Geopark Song,” which was written by a famous Tsugaru-jamisen player who lives in Itoigawa. Every year, the students’ presentations seem to improve more and more.


A group of students use a play to present on a famous legend based in Itoigawa


During the conference, students were given an opportunity to share their impressions of the other groups’ presentations. Students provided responses such as “The other schools also found many treasures in their regions” and “It was nice to see how and what other schools are studying.” The event offered students of different schools and age groups a chance to exchange ideas, and seemed to be a very stimulating experience for everyone involved.

Through Geopark Studies, the Itoigawa Global Geopark is able to reach out to children of all ages. Through these children, the Geopark reaches out to parents and communities and we hope through this more people can come to understand and appreciate Itoigawa’s Geopark. We hope to continue doing these important exchange activities within the Itoigawa Global Geopark.