Global Network of National Geoparks

37th UNESCO General Conference

Source Published :December 3, 2013

The works of the Science Commission ended, with the discussion on UNESCO Global Geoparks Initiative.



31 countries took the floor after the presentation of the draft resolution by the Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences G. Kalonji.

There was a broad consensus on Geoparks.

From the Geopark hosting countries UK, China, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway, Greece, Japan, Republic of Korea, Turkey, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Austria, Uruguay, Brazil were the most supportive.

It was also enthusiastic support from many African countries: Ghana, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, Niger, Zambia as well as from Oman, Thailand, Guatemala.The final document was voted unanimously. It endorses the decision of the 192 ExB/9 without prejudice to any budgetary implications to the regular budget and actively welcomes the UNESCO Global Geoparks Initiative.



The final decision is expected next April at the 192 session of the UNESCO Executive Board!