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Jeju Island Opens New Geo-Trail Course

Source :Jeju Island Global Geopark Published :April 18, 2014

Jeju Island Global Geopark hosted Open Up Road Event for New Geopark Trail Course in April 2014. The developed trail course this time is a connecting course among one of representative geoparks, Mt. Sanbang, Yongmeori and around the area then the course contains the various contents including geography, history, culture, ecology of Jeju Island. Especially the contents have the various stories of the village including Gotjawal Forest, a repository of Jeju ecosystem, fossil site of human foot print, stone pile path, Hyanggyo (Confucian temple and school to teach local students in the Joseon Dynasty period) and the course has been highly estimating of meeting not only beautiful nature but Jeju people’s wisdom despite the poor living environment. The trail course is divided into A and B and length is 14.5km and 14.4km respectively.



Jeju Government has trained local residents and placed them as interpreter guide for this trail course and various cultural events hosted by local residents were held.

And Geo-Food, Yongmeori sponge cake, Sagyeri cross bedded cookies developed with the motive of using local resource of volcanic ash stratum has brought a big attention from the public.

In the future, Jeju will consistently establish new trail-courses and volcanic cave trail-course around Manjang Lava Cave will be newly opened in coming August.