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Lushan Geopark Launched Series Activities on “Earth Day”

Source :Lushan Global Geopark, P.R.China Published :April 28, 2014

22th, April 2014 is the 45th Earth Day, which is great opportunity for series activities of attracting the public awareness on treasuring earth resources and science popularization. Global Geoparks are very important carrier for protecting geo-resources, environment and geo-science populariztion. On 22th April, series actitivties on the subject of Treasure earth resources, Change the ways of development——Save and Properly Use land resources, Protect the natural ecological spaces were carried on in Lushan Geopark of China.

"Earth Stories of Mt. Lushan" exhibition mainly focused on the history of geological evolution of Mt. Lushan and its integration with local culture and humanities. Picture pamphlets, cartoons videos, touch screens, stones and on-site presentations are directly and simply delivered to the children and tourists.

The geoscience on-site information service provides large scale of pamphlets on Lushan geoscience knowledge, geological and worm disasters prevention methods, geologicial maps, botanic publicity and energy savings. Besides, the huge screen displayed the video of Lushan geological history all the time as usual, which were popular with both tourists and children.

The activity attracted broader attention and great participations. Participants, consisting of volunteers, students, guides, geologists, botanists and managers of natural preserving zone, inter-acted with kids and tourists and shared their knowledge. This brought them deeper understanding to environment protection and also increased the public awareness to value the earth resources.


The volunteers

Introduce the geological history of Lushan Geopark

 Local students listened carefully