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Global E-classroom between Hong Kong Geopark and Lesvos Global Geopark

Source :Hong Kong Geopark Published :May 4, 2014

The representatives of Hong Kong Geopark visited the Lesvos Global Geopark in Greece from 30 April to 4 May 2014 to share their experience in geopark management and operation. Apart from visiting the geosites, the representatives also met with the local authorities, students and the media. Through mutual visits and experience sharing, the management of the geoparks enhanced the cooperation and exchanges so as to promote Geopark movement effectively.

To enhance cooperation and networking with other geoparks, a science popularization programme called "Global E-classroom", which operates on an international level, has been launched by the Hong Kong Geopark. The programme makes use of basic internet technology to enable presentations and changes between participants continents away. Global E-classroom not only allows students to learn more about geoparks in other parts of the world; it also helps them to broaden their international horizons through exposure to these international connections.

During the visit to Lesvos Global Geopark, a real time Global E-classroom session supported by the Lions Nature Education Foundation, Hong Kong, has been conducted on 2nd May between a local schools on Lesvos Island and their counterparts in Hong Kong. The programme allowed the students to learn more about their counterparts on the other side of the world. The new experience have broadened their understanding of Earth Sciences in other geoparks and it also enable them to learn about different cultures and lifestyles.


Visit to the Lesvos Petrified Forest


Joint E-classroom conducted by Hong Kong Geopark and Lesvos Global Geopark

Staff of Hong Kong Geopark introducing Hong Kong Geopark through the Global