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Celebration of “Earth Day” and Re-opening of Zhangjiajie Global Geopark Museum

Source :Zhangjiajie Global Geopark, P.R.China Published :May 4, 2014


On April 22, the administrative committee of Zhangjiajie global geopark held a large-scale public campaign in the geopark to celebrate the 45th “Earth Day”. The upgraded museum of Zhangjiajie global geopark was also re-opened to the public on this very important day.



During the public campaign, a variety of interactive activities were carried out with tourists, including introducing the history of geopark development, guiding the tour of the upgraded museum of Zhangjiajie global geopark, watching a 5D science fiction movie of “Fantastic Fate in Wulingyuan”, and distributing materials for science popularization of the development of globally distinct landforms in the geopark and questionnaires on “Earth Day” and Zhangjiajie global geopark. A very large number of tourists actively participated in these activities and their questionnaires show that they all think that these activities are of great help for arousing the public’s awareness on environment protection and can spur people to take an active part in geological heritage conservation activities.