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The peony painting and calligraphy exhibition of Lushan Geopark of China debuts in Germany

Source :Lushan Global Geopark of China Published :June 4, 2014

On June 1st 2014,in the City of Lorsch Germany, where the headquarter of Bergstrasse-Odenwald Global Geopark located, a grand opening for peony painting and calligraphy exhibition of Lushan Geopark of China was held. This is the first exhibition for Chinese regional artists held in Germany. Government officials, mayors, senators of Hessen state, Chinese consulate to Germany in Frankfurt , Guinness world record holders, former Chinese National Soccer Team coach Klaus Schlappner and other celebrities attended the opening ceremony.


The Exhibition Hall


This exhibition which will last for four months is jointly held by Lushan Global Geopark of China, Bergstrasse-Odenwald Global Geopark, the UNESCO World Heritage Site-Lorsch Abbey and also Lorsch City of Germany. 65 pieces of peony calligraphy, painting, paper-cutting and embrodiery made by 34 artists from Jiujiang City and Lushan Geopark are being shown there.

There is a long cultural and medical history of peony in both Germany and China. This exhibition would be a great leap in the cooperation of two geoparks since their agreement signed in 2007 between Lushan Global Geopark of China and Bergstrasse-Odenwald Global Geopark of Germany.



The Exhibition attacts many tourists