Global Network of National Geoparks

A new structuration for French Geoparks to prepare the future

Source :Haute Provence Geopark, France Published :October 12, 2014

A new structuration for French Geoparks to prepare the future during the 34th European Geopark Network meeting in Harz- Braunschweiger land- Ostfalen Geopark was held, on the 4th September 2014, the constitutive assembly of the National Committee of Geoparks of France (CNGF) . This Committee which will get in the next month a legal statute under the French law 1901 is dedicated to support the development of Geoparks in France and strengthen the French Geopark networking. In a next future, the CNGF will invite to participate, in its works, delegate from different French Ministries (Environment, Culture and Tourism), delegate from National UNESCO Commission and delegate from National Geological institution. Thanks to this future cooperation, France will have the adapted support to take part on an adapted manner, in the future development of the Global Geoparks Network.


Photo legend From right to left :

André Guerraz (Bauges Geopark, CNGF Vice-Président), Gisèle Magne (Luberon Geopark representant),

Jean Luc Desbois (Bauges Geopark, CNGF President), Anne Guyomard (Chablais Geopark, CNGF Treasurer),

Stephane Legal (Luberon Geopark, CNGF Secretary), Guy Martini (Haute Provence Geopark, CNGF Vice-Président)