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New Geo-Wine was introduced in the Wines and Liqueurs Festival of S. Miguel d'Acha of Naturtejo Geopark

Source :Naturtejo Geopark, Portugal Published :December 23, 2014




From an implanted vineyard in the village of São Miguel de Acha, in mid Naturtejo Geopark territory, was born the Geo Wine Súbito that, in the fifth Wines and Liquors Festival, released the new single vine variety Touriga Nacional, an excellent red of deep garnet colour with flavour of red fruits and a slight floral touch. The new variety was introduced now in Portugal, tough with the support of the Idanha-a-Nova Municipality already made an impact in international events held in Paris and Madrid, in the past month. At the release in the Spanish capital was even tasted and praised by the Minister for Agriculture, Assunção Cristas, during one of the biggest international fairs dedicated to de fruit and vegetable sector. Produced by the agricultural society Viniregra, managed by Nuno Nunes, the Geo Wine Súbito is an example that the projects has economic success when their good and may translate to the creation of wealth and employment. At the festival, another wine joined the Súbito family: the White Chardonnay/Syrah 2013 promises to delight the lovers.

The 5th Wines and Liqueurs Festival, in São Miguel de Acha,was the destination to lots of people, who took the weekend to taste the best regional nectars, enjoy a diversified entertainment program and to walk in family. Accompanying the wines and liqueurs were exhibitors from the most diversified products from the Idanha-a-Nova Municipality and the Beira Baixa region, lands of excellency. Cheese, olive oil, cakes, traditional blood meats, jams, honey and bread were another flavours participating in this effort to "maximize the appreciation of the traditional products, foster the local economy and promote this territory
as a touristic destination", explained the Mayor of the Idanha-a-Nova Municipality and Naturtejo, Armindo Jacinto.

The fair was a joint organization between the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova and the Parish of São Miguel de Acha, giving continuity to Naturtejo Geopark strategy "of supporting and disclosing the local producers in themed fairs, motivating them so they can be successful in their activity", stressed Armindo Jacinto. The wines and liqueurs production, in particular, is a tradition in São Miguel de Acha which, in this festival edition, has shown once again successful cases. During the weekend the village was the stage for the releasing of the liqueurs brand Acha Doce and the single variety wine Touriga Nacional from the Geo Wine Súbito, two projects born in the parish that grew and gained sustainability in the events promoted by the municipality. 

For the Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova Municipality, the two companies "showed that it is possible to succeed when the projects are good and they can turn into wealth and employment, thus they represent well what we want for the future of the municipality ". Also the Mayor of the São Miguel D'Acha Parish, Maria de Jesus Nogueira, "praised the participation of the exhibitors of that parish, giving credit to the producers who introduced new brands and products". 

One of the most attended moments was the 5th Wines and Liqueurs contest, held by the Superior Management School of Idanha-a-Nova. Also the biggest “Sangria” (wine with fruits and sugar) of Portugal was prepared in this festival, with a 60 litres record.

The fifth Wines and Liqueurs Festival counted yet with the participation of around one hundred exhibitors, coming mostly from municipalities under the Beira Baixa Intermunicipal Community. For that reason, the Wines and Liqueurs Festival goes towards the guiding lines of Provere Beira Baixa, Economical Valuation Program for Endogenous Resources, thus allowing conjugating the territory appreciation and its products, boosting quality, singularity and diversity. The presentation and tasting of the liqueurs brand Acha Doce(previously named Doce Pinga), on the Saturday afternoon, was one of the top moments of the 5th Wines and Liqueurs Festival.

Made by handmade techniques in São Miguel de Acha, the liqueurs conquered all who tasted its classic or new flavours, from the chocolate to different fruits and spices. The producer history, Ana Paula Carvalho, is an example of this festival success. Born in Lisbon but residing in São Miguel de Acha for 14 years, have been participating for three years now with her first liqueurs. "It started as a joke, in an occasion where her parents decided to sell some products to earn some money for their children finalists' trip, and from there I acquired the taste for making liqueurs ". The experience was a success. At the time a public servant, Ana. Paula Carvalho then asked the rescission to commit herself to the liqueurs production", which nowadays sweeten countless mouths in the municipalities and regional festivals. "The Acha Doce could not exist if it weren't the festivals promoted by the Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova, since they are the reason that gives us spirit to grow and the needed sustainability for us to keep on investing", explains the producer. Nowadays are more than 30 the flavours put in the market, all 100% natural and several with regional products.