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Hong Kong Geopark launches Geolicious Cooking Classes

Source :Hong Kong Geopark, P.R.China Published :February 9, 2015

To bring in new ideas to promote Hong Kong Geopark, the Geopark Hotels in Hong Kong have launched a “Geolicious Cooking Classes” programme to reach a wide audience and to provide a fun platform for learning about earth science. 

The cooking classes run every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday as part of the brunch activities in both geopark hotels. On 1 February 2015, a total of eight children and their parents joined the first class to learn about science through cookery. The activities helped the children better understand the state and form of lava and rocks as they prepared a dessert dish based on the volcanic hexagonal columns in Hong Kong Geopark using syrup and biscuits under the instructions of the hotel chef and the guidance of the parents.

The children received a certificate and a geopark pin for their successful completion of the Geolicious Cooking Class. The children enjoyed the class, offering comments that the class was “really a fun experience” and they “made cookies which are like the rocks in the geopark”.

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 Hexagonal column dish in the “Geolicious Cooking Class”

The children watch the chef’s demonstration carefully

 The children prepare their own dishes under the guidance of their parents

The children and their parents had an enjoyable educational experience learning about earth science

All children were awarded a geopark certificate