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Lions Nature Education Foundation (Hong Kong Global Geopark) visit Aso Geopark

Source :Aso Global Geopark, Japan Published :April 22, 2015

Members of Lions Nature Education Centre (HK) visited Aso Global Geopark on 11 and 12 April with Dr. Yeung Ka-ming (Hong Kong Global Geopark) to understand Aso’s regional resources and geo-conservation and educational activities as part of their Japan visit. The tour was carried also in Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark and Itoigawa Global Geopark.

1st day, the representatives visited newly opened Aso Grassland Conservation Centre to receive briefing and greeting by a chairman Yoshioki Sato, Aso Geopark Promotion Council. After that, the group was guided value of Aso’s vast grassland, which has been maintained by humans at least millennia, its utilization and conservation history and educational activities by a center staff. 



Greeting by a chairman Yoshioki Sato


Guiding tour at Aso Grassland Conservation Centre


After the tour, they moved to Daikanbo Caldera Geosite to enjoy the clear view of gigantic Aso Caldera, which is formed by repeated super eruptions occurred between 270,000 and 90,000 years ago and guided its formation and history by Aso Geopark Guides Association. One of the guides explained its geological formation by using a unique model kit.



Geo-tour by Aso Geopark Guides Association


Although the area within 1km from Nakadake crater has been off-limit because of its volcanic activity since a small eruption occurred in November 2014, they explored the earth’s activity from the air by a helicopter. Nakadake is an only active volcano in Aso Geopark, had been received about 1million visitors during calm period. The tourism is controlled by monitoring systems on fluctuation, tectonic movement and heat etc. by Japan Meteorological Agency, Aso Volcano Museum, Aso Volcanological Laboratory Institute, Kyoto University.



Riding helicopter to explore Nakadake crater

The trip finished with museum tour at Aso Volcano Museum, where exhibits volcanic activities and history of Aso volcano, flora and fauna and unique culture along with other volcanoes in Japan and other countries. It’s the centre for research, disaster control, cultural study and tourism in Aso Geopark.


Museum Tour at Aso Volcano Museum