Global Network of National Geoparks

GGN Newsletter 2008 issue 01

Published :May 26, 2008

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P01 Geopark Mourn Victims of Wenchuan Earthquake

P03 EGN Express Condolence for Victims of Wenchuan Earthquake

P04 New member affiliated the GGN (Global Geoparks Network) officially

P06 Expert from Global Geopark Bureau will make a field expedition to Songshan and Yuntaishan geoparks for revaluation

P07 Langkawi Geopark Attracts More Middle Eastern Tourists

P08 "International Year of Planet Earth, Action in China" Exhibition Opened

P08 BGS Launched the Mendips geological maps and guidebooks

P09 Delegation from Geopark Bergstrasse - Odenwald - Germany has a friendly visit in Mount Lushan

P10 International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites held in Huangshan Geopark

P11 Worldward Zigong Global Geopark

P13 Promotion Conference of Longhushan Tourist Products held in Hongkong

P13 The 3rd International UNESCO-Conference on Geoparks

P14 2ND International Intensive Course« Geoconservation And Geoparks: Interpretation And Communication»

P15 23rd Annual Conference of Tourism Geology and Geopark Research Sub-society of Geological Society of China & Strategic Seminar on Construction and Tourism Development of Erlianhot Dinosaur Geopark

P16 Inaugural Global Geotourism Conference

P17 European Geoparks Week 2008

P17 EGN is now an International IYPE Partner

P18 Radio Hams spread the Global Geopark message across the world during European Geopark Weeks

P19 Northern Rocks Festival 2008

P20 Call for the organization of the 4th International Conference on Geoparks in 2010