Global Network of National Geoparks

GGN Newsletter 2010 Issue 01

Source :GGN Office Published :April 2, 2010
Inside this issue:
01- The Geological Resources Action Programme
in Sierras Subbeticas Geopark has been
02- New timeline for Geopark proposals and
evaluation procedure
02- New Geopark film in the Libraries
03-"Discover Psiloritis Natural Park"
- Pupil's contest still open
04- Second Circular: Symposium on
Conservation of Geological Heritage
05- Second Circular: 4th International UNESCO
Conference on Geoparks
06- Inauguration of the National Forum of
Itaalian Geoparks
08- Annual Conference 2009 of China's GGN
09- Presentation of Papuk Geopark in Post offices