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Discovery Geopark(new 2020)




Located in Newfoundland Labrador, in the east of the country, the Geopark covers over 280 km of rugged coastline full of remarkable views on caves, arches and sea stacks. Sites within the boundary of the Geopark bear witness to the region’s geological history which has shaped the land, its human inhabitants and their culture. The area lies entirely with the Avalon terrane of the Appalachian Orogen, which is dominated by a complex assemblage of Neoproterozoic sedimentary, volcanic and plutonic rocks. The coastal geology offers a unique opportunity to observe, study, and celebrate one of the most significant transitions in Earth’s history: the Ediacaran Period, and its associated rise of animal life. With rocks over a half a billion years old, the Geopark is host to some of the most spectacular and exceptionally preserved Ediacaran fossil sites on Earth.