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Troodos Geopark

The mountainous Troodos Global Geopark is located in the central part of Cyprus. It has the highest peak of the Island, the 1,952 metre-high Mount Olympos. Troodos is known amongst geoscientists for its stratigraphic completeness and well-preserved and well-exposed plutonic, intrusive, volcanic rocks and chemical sediments. Formed 92 million years ago in the Neotethys Ocean by the spread of the seafloor above a subduction zone, it was uplifted and placed in a dome structure by the collision between the Eurasian and African plates. The asbestos mine, chromite mining galleries, ancient copper slag heaps and graben (depressed blocks of land bordered by faults) account for the site’s important geodiversity, which has contributed significantly to the development of current theories of plate tectonics and ocean spreading.