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Thuringia Inselsberg–Drei Gleichen Global Geopark(new 2021)

Located in Thuringia, central Germany, the Geopark covers an area of about 988 km² at altitudes ranging from 250 to 900 metres above sea level. Its geology documents over 150 million years of the Earth’s history, from the amalgamation of the supercontinent Pangea until its break-up in the Late Triassic, and it features the only outcrop of the Triassic/Jurassic boundary in central Germany. The Geopark’s extraordinary fossil record has been the subject of research for over 300 years leading to the accumulation of great geological expertise. Its fossil reefs, among the first to be recognized as such in the 19th century, are the remnants of the formation of a small island surrounded by reefs in the Zechstein Sea. Visitors can explore three of the Geopark’s hundred natural caves. Its Geo and Pleasure Trail highlights the connection between the local soils and geology and local culinary traditions over low-lying mountains and areas of loess.