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Grevena-Kozani Global Geopark(new 2021)

In the north of Greece, in the region of West of Macedonia (within 40 to70 km of the Albanian and North Macedonian borders), the Geopark covers an area of 2,486 km², with altitudes ranging from about 380 to 3,800 metres above sea level. Greece’s longest river, the Aliakamon, flows through it. Its geology comprises rock formations dating back from about one billion years ago to the present documenting several tectonic plate events including the birth of the Tethyan Ocean and the emergence of Europe as a distinct continental mass. Mount Orliakas, a reef that straddles the ancient African-European collision zone is situated in the Geopark. Studies of these geological features contributed significantly to development of the prevailing theory regarding the origin of tectonic plates. The Geopark also features some of the world’s most important proboscidean fossils, the Lands of the Elephants, and the world’s longest known mammoth tusk, over 5 m long.