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Qeshm Geopark


Qeshm Island is located at southern part of Iran in the Hormoz Strait, and is very close to Dubai (about 176 kilometers). Its area about 1500 sq. Qeshm Island Global Geopark is located in the southwest of Qeshm Island, the largest island in the Persian Gulf. As one of the three Free Trade Areas of Iran, Qeshm is intended to develop to an economic hub in the region. At the same time, the island offers a magnificent natural heritage, a unique culture and traditional hospitality in a typical local ambience. Qeshm Island Global Geopark with an area of over 30000 acres is located in the west of the Qeshm Island between the axes 26°, 44´, 62"‚ and 26°, 35´‚ and the meridian axes 55°, 44´, 28" ‚ and 55°, 44´‚44" in the Persian Gulf, Iran. In fact Qeshm Island Global Geopark is a linear area in east limited to Tabl-Sorkh axis, in west to Goori-Kani axis, in north to the northern coast and in south to the southern coast. By flight it take just 30 minutes. There are no need to visa and transfer, food and accommodation is very cheap in the island.