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Majella Global Geopark(new 2021)

Located in the Central Apennines, the Geopark covers a surface area of 740 km² with an altitudinal range of 130 to 2,800 metres above sea level featuring more than 60 peaks in the Majella Massif, half of them exceeding 2,000 metres, as is the case with Mount Amaro. The Geopark is carved by a series of canyons and comprises many rivers and a few perennial lakes that are essential to supporting wildlife. Exhibiting one of the youngest reliefs of the Apennines, the area is constituted mainly by fossil-bearing limestone. With remnants of human presence going back about 600,000 years, the Geopark contains 95 geosites, including one of the oldest archaeological geosites in Europe. The majority have considerable educational and touristic value. Thanks to its unusual landscape of high reliefs near the sea and geomorphological heterogeneity, the Geopark is characterized by a great variety of microclimates, ecosystems and ecological niches, which has given rise to an exceptional and valuable degree of biodiversity.