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Oki island Geopark

The Oki Islands Global Geopark is situated off the west coast of Honshu, the main island of Japan. The basement of the Oki Islands is a fragment of the Eurasian continent, left behind during the formation of the back-arc basin that eventually led to the creation of the Japanese islands, and was later overprinted by violent volcanic activity. This process and combination of activity is highly unusual. The Oki basement gneisses contain evidence of their continental origin, and the extensive alkali volcanic rocks present here are extremely rare elsewhere in the Japanese arc. Coastal erosion of rock faces has created stunning scenery that features numerous sea caverns and steep cliff-lined coastlines. The flora and fauna that make up the natural landscape of these islands is truly special. The influx of sub-boreal (subalpine) zone vegetation that occurred during the coldest stage of the last Ice Age can still be seen today, mingled with warm-temperate (basal) zone vegetation.