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Djerdap Geopark(new 2020)


The area, in the northeast of the country, features very diverse geology, spanning the oldest Proterozoic rocks to the youngest Quaternary sediments. The most striking natural phenomenon in the Geopark is the Djerdap Gorge, the longest in Europe. The gorge was incised by the Danube which also formed the present karst landscape of tunnel caves, karst springs and natural bridges, such as the Vratna natural bridges. Inhabited since the early Mesolithic, the area is home to a rich cultural heritage which includes prehistoric sites (Lepenski Vi and Rudna Glava), Roman remains, medieval fortresses, old traditional houses, churches and a monastery. Villages are nowadays inhabited by Serbs and Vlachs, two groups with different cultures and ways of living, which have created some mixed traditions through the ages.