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Maestrazgo Geopark(new 2020)

In the province of Teruel, within the Aragonese western branch of the Iberian Mountain Range, the Geopark’s extensive territory encompasses 43 municipalities with beautiful towns and built heritage set in varied landscapes, home to a rich history and traditional celebrations. The two most notable geological highlights of the Geopark are: The Jurassic-Cretaceous dinosaur sites in Galve where the first dinosaur in Spain was found, and the Mesozoic series in the Maestrazgo area, one of the most representative and complete exposures of the Cretaceous geological history of the Iberian Mountain Range. Other remarkable sites include the Cristal Caves Natural Monument, El Recuenco cave, Cañizar del Olivar (Calcareous tuff building) and multiple dinosaur sites with fossils and footprints.