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Dak Nong Geopark(new 2020)




Located in Dak Nong Province in the Central Highlands, the Geopark’s geological past goes back 200 to 165 million years when the area was part of the ancient Gondwana supercontinent. More recent volcanic activity a few tens of thousands of years ago have endowed it with spectacular craters, majestic waterfalls and Southeast Asia’s most extensive system of hundreds of magnificent volcanic caves. Its geological morphology and varied soil and climatic conditions, are home to a rich range in biodiversity and ecosystems, including many endemic rare species. Dak Nong was originally inhabited by three indigenous peoples, the M’Nong, Ma and Ede. Following an influx of immigrants in the late 1970s it has become the home of over 40 ethnic groups and a place of rich cultural diversity.