Global Network of National Geoparks

GGN Newsletter 2008 issue 04

Published :December 10, 2008

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GGN Member Activities

I - Geoparks in The Olympic Games Season:

01-Olympic torch lit on top of Mt. Taishan

02-Mount Tai, a Witness of Marriage——Wedding Ceremony, Celebrating Olympic Games

03-Olympic torch starts run at Fangshan Geopark

04-Guests from IOC visit Zhoukoudian Site in Fangshan Geopark

05-Reconstruction of lighting in Shihuadong Scenic Spot of Fangshan Geopark for Olympiad

06-Lushan launches "Hot Olympics, Cool Lushan" thematic activities

07-Zhang Jiajie Geopark — a travel destination to express concern for Olympiad

08- Linking with Olympic Games, abandoning to the nature

09-Enjoy Olympic Games Enjoy beautiful Jingpo Lake scenery

10-Wudalianchi Geopark welcomes the Olympic Games with a new appearance

II - Documents

11-UNESCO releases the latest Guidelines and Criteria for GGN

12-The Osnabrück Declaration

III- Education

13-Let pupils know more----geo-activities in Naturtejo Geopark

14-Youngsters raise geopark profile

15-Alston school pupils benefit from UNESCO European Geopark Youth Camp

16-School Programs in Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

17-A Walk in the `Birthplace of the Region'

18-Summer Exploration in Longhushan Geopark

19-"Approaching World Heritage, Exploring Geopark" knowledge competition hosted in Huangshan Geopark

IV - Protection

20-Call to protect stony land

21-Concept of environmental protection penetrates key engineering constructions in Wudalianchi Scenic Area

22-Torbay get Government grant to develop projects in its English Riviera Geopark

23-Eco-environment vigorously protected at Lushan Geopark

V - Activities and Promotion

24-Green Tourism Promotion in the North Pennines AONB & European Geopark

25-Natur tejo Geopar k in the National Fair of Natural Par ksand Environment

26-Russians enjoying cold mineral spring in Wudalianchi

27-CCTV approaches Wudalianchi Global Geopark

28-Taining Geopark awarded with "Top Ten Beautiful Homes in Fujian Province"

29-Taining Global Geopark develops GIS

30-“The myth of Earth through human hand”

31-A corporate TV Platform to promote the European Geoparks Network

32-A New Springer Book Series “Geoparks of the World”

Non-GGN Geoheritage Activities from across the globe

33-More Countries pay attention to GGN

34-Fossil forest could acquire status

35-Public Meeting To Explore Designation Of Burren And Cliffs Of Moher As UNESCO Geopark

36-Geopark Status Being Determined

37-“Geopark Rab Island, Croatia” aspires to become a member of the Geopark community

38- The foundation of the Japanese Geoparks Network