Global Network of National Geoparks

Fforest Fawr Geoparks' rock festival with a difference

June 4, 2008

Fforest Fawr Geopark is holding a series of rock events to celebrate Brecon Beacons National Park’s unique geological heritage as part of European Geoparks’ Fortnight...

Revaluation of Songshan Global Geopark by UNESCO

June 3, 2008

The expert from UNESCO revaluated Songshan Global Geopark over two days as of Jun 1. Songshan Global Geopark is the first station for UNESCO to revaluate GGN members in China

Mount Taishan Global Geopark Unveiled and Opened

June 2, 2008

Mount Taishan Global Geopark was unveiled and opened in the morning, May 31. Attendants of the unveiling ceremony included the geopark expert from UNESCO, Dr. Komoo...

Links Around The World As Geopark Makes Contact

June 1, 2008

Greetings from Torbay winged their way through the airwaves all round the world at the weekend. The first English Riviera Global Geopark radio event has been hailed a huge success with some 300 to 400...

Joint Construction of Huangshan World Heritage - Global Geopark Protection & Education Base

May 28, 2008

Huangshan Global Geopark Management Office entered into a contract of Action Plan for Joint Construction of Huangshan World Heritage - Global Geopark Protection & Education Base with the elementar...

Langkawi Geopark Carnival Begins May 30

May 27, 2008

Various events have been lined up at a three-day carnival in conjunction with the first anniversary of the Langkawi Geopark, beginning May 30.

Expert from Global Geopark Bureau will make a field expedition to Songshan and Yuntaishan geoparks f

May 23, 2008

The Global Geopark Bureau of UNESCO will designate Prof. Ibrahim Komoo from Malaysia to make a field expedition to Songshan and Yuntaishan geoparks in China on June 14, 2008. This expedition is an imp...

Natarajan ISHWARAN Inspects GGN Office

May 22, 2008

The Director of Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, Nature Sciences Sector, UNESCO, Natarajan ISHWARAN led a delegation of four people to inspect the Global Geoparks Network Office and listen t...

EGN Express Condolence for Victims of Wenchuan Earthquake

May 20, 2008

Dear Colleagues We are all shocked by this huge Earthquake disaster which hurt China.We all think and pray for the victims, the Sichuan province citizens and the people of China who suffer this endles...

Posters—The 3rd Conference on Geoparks

May 19, 2008

Theme:Communicating Geological Heritage; Young People and Geoparks;Socio-Economic Benefits of Geoparks;Climate Change and Geoparks;Quality Management in Geoparks

Lecture Schedule—The 3rd Conference on Geoparks

May 19, 2008

Theme:European Union and Geoparks; Tourism and Geoparks; Presentation of New and Aspiring Geoparks; Criteria to Join the Geopark Family; Bridging the Gap betw een Geology and Soil Sciences

Adamello Brenta Geopark: new member in the GGN under UNESCO

May 16, 2008

The Adamello Brenta Nature Park from Italy has affiliated the GGN (Global Geoparks Network) and EGN (European Geoparks Network)officially in April 2008. The area of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park whi...

Langkawi Geopark Attracts More Middle Eastern Tourists

May 10, 2008

Unesco's recognition of Langkawi as a geopark has helped to draw more tourists from the Middle East to the legendary island.

Geological heritage – bridge joining countries

May 4, 2008

This international conference is co-organized by the geological surveys of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland as well as by main topics of this event are: Jurassic geoheritage in Baltic Region and Poland, n...

Radio Hams spread the Global Geopark message across the world during European Geopark Weeks, 24 May

April 24, 2008

Radio stations from around the world will be exchanging greetings over the airwaves with the English Riviera Global Geopark next month as amateur radio operators transmit live from Kents Cavern in Tor...

Northern Rocks Festival 2008

April 24, 2008

Northern Rocks 2008 runs between Saturday 24 May and Sunday 8 June. The two weeks are filled with events and activities to help you discover the geological secrets of the North Pennines AONB and UNESC...

BGS Launched the Mendips geological maps and guidebooks

April 22, 2008

At a launch held at the Wells and Mendips Museum, the British Geological Survey (BGS) announced the publication of two brand-new geological maps and guidebooks that feature one of Britain's most popul...

International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites Held in Mount Hua

April 2, 2008

The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites was held in Mount Huangshan, Anhui on 24th ~ 27th March 2008 jointly by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the...

Worldward Zigong Global Geopark

March 31, 2008

The Zigong Global Geopark, with a total area of 56.7km2, is a new member of the Global Geoparks Networks (GGN), which is composed of Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossil Site Scenic Area, Zigong Well-Salt Industr...

2ND International Intensive Course« Geoconservation And Geoparks: Interpretation And Communication»

March 3, 2008

Geology, geomorphology and landscape have profoundly influenced society, civilization and cultural diversity of our planet. The Geoparks initiative adds a new dimension to the 1972 Convention concerni...