Global Network of National Geoparks

Volcanological Center of El Hierro Geopark‏

March 5, 2015

The new “Volcanological Centre of El Hierro” inaugurated on 21stFebruary 2015 by Jose Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, and Alpidio Armas, President of El Hierro Island. The new ...

Official Website for the APGN 2015 Symposium is Now Available

February 27, 2015

September 16 (Wed) - 20 (Sun), 2015

Hong Kong Geopark launches Geolicious Cooking Classes

February 9, 2015

To bring in new ideas to promote Hong Kong Geopark, the Geopark Hotels in Hong Kong have launched a “Geolicious Cooking Classes” programme to reach a wide audience and to provide a fun platform for le...

A knowledge sharing workshop on volcano hosted by Aso Geopark

January 28, 2015

As Nakadake crater has become more active since a small eruption happened in November 2014, Aso Geopark hosted a knowledge sharing workshop on the volcano for community to understand clearly about the...

National Forum on Global geoparks in Slovenia Established

January 27, 2015

On 22 December, the inaugural meeting of the National Forum Global Geoparks Slovenia was held at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport in Ljubljana. Mr Bojan Režun, representative of Geopark Id...

Resolution of Aids to Research 2014 Sobrarbe Geopark

January 5, 2015

The Sobrarbe County has awarded two grants for conducting research works Sobrarbe Geopark in the field of geology, referring to the Sobrarbe County.The project beneficiaries are:“Chronology and palyno...

New Geo-Wine was introduced in the Wines and Liqueurs Festival of S. Miguel d'Acha of Naturtejo Geopark

December 23, 2014

From an implanted vineyard in the village of São Miguel de Acha, in mid Naturtejo Geopark territory, was born the Geo Wine Súbito that, in the fifth Wines and Liquors Festival, released the new single...

What’s new for Global Geopark Network

December 19, 2014

“To teach is to learn twice” - science transfer by a Geopark School of Hong Kong

Itoigawa Hosts Geopark Certification Seminar

December 15, 2014

Helping fellow Geoparks prepare for Geopark Certification and train future Inspection Teams In late November, the Itoigawa Global Geopark hosted a two-day seminar for Geoparks and Aspiring Regi...

Huangshan was included in the first IUCN Green List of Protected Areas

November 19, 2014Wei Li, Runze Chen

On 14th, November, the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN)released the first Green List of Protected Areas in the 6th World Parks Conference(WPC) in Australia. Huangshan GlobalGeo...

Hong Kong Geopark and English Riviera Geopark Co-host an interactive Global E-classroom Session for

October 23, 2014

Linking up with the English Riviera Global Geopark of United Kingdom, Hong Kong Global Geopark of China co-organised a global e-classroom session on 17 October 2014. The e-classroom session brought to...

A new structuration for French Geoparks to prepare the future

October 12, 2014

A new structuration for French Geoparks to prepare the future during the 34th European Geopark Network meeting in Harz- Braunschweiger land- Ostfalen Geopark was held, on the 4th September 2014, the c...

11 new sites added to Global Geoparks Network

September 24, 2014

Eleven new sites were added to the Global Geoparks Network at the 6th Global Geoparks Conference, held in the Stonehammer Global Geopark, Canada from 18 to 22 September. Global Geoparks are sites aff...

Itoigawa Geopark Academic Research Promotion Grant

September 30, 2014

In 2014, the Itoigawa Global Geopark introduced a new program, the Itoigawa Geopark Academic Research Promotion Grant. This grant, offered to young researchers and students of universities and other a...

Working with Local Business in a Foreign Language Signage Project at Muroto Global Geopark

September 9, 2014

Previously visitors who came from overseas to holiday in Muroto were few, and foreign language signage was also scarce. However, since Muroto was recognized as a member of the Global Geopark Network, ...

5th anniversary ceremony of Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark took place on August 23th.

September 2, 2014

On August 23, the ceremony for 5th anniversary of Unzen Volcanic Area Global Geopark and 80th anniversary of Unzen national park was held at Unzen Memorial Hall in Unzen city, Japan. The chairm...

Representative of Hong Kong Geopark speaks at North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland

August 15, 2014

From 12-14 August 2014, Dr. Ka-ming Yeung, Head of Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, visited North West Highlands Geopark, in Scotland, where he was invited to share with the Geopark’s staff an...

Officials of UNESCO and a delegation of Republic of Korea visited Wudalianchi Geopark

August 14, 2014

Mr. Han Qunli, Secretary of MAB Program and Director of Division of Ecological and Earth Science, UNESCO; Hans, Program Specialist, UNESCO Beijing Office and a delegation of Republic of Korea gave a f...

Hong Kong Global Geopark celebrates issue of definitive stamps and philatelic items

July 25, 2014

On 24 July 2014, Hongkong Post launched a new set of definitive stamps with 16 different denominations with “Hong Kong Global Geopark of China” as the theme. Along with these definitive st...

The revalidation mission to Wudalianchi Global Geopark ended up recently

July 24, 2014

Recently, two experts, professor Nikolaos Zouros and Henning Zellmer assigned by UNESCO, have completed the revalidation mission to Wudalianchi Global Geopark of China since their arriving on 16th Jul...